Raoul Lufbery Field is where we fly
Located in the southern most section of Cedar Creek Park our aerodrome provides us with a great facility to pursue Radio Control flying of model planes and helis. Also within the park is a tether car track. Cedar Creek Park is located off Merrick Rd. just west of the Wantagh Pkwy. We have two paved runways which allows us to take into account wind direction.
In order to fly at our field you need an AMA insurance card which can be obtained from the AMA and which cost 58 dollars.
Flyers under 19 only pay one dollar. You also need a leisure pass which you need to be admitted into the park. Once you get these two documents you must get a permit in order to be able to fly at our field. Nassau County residents pay 20 dollars and non-residents pay 40 dollars.
This past summer our field was renamed LUFBERY field in honor of Major Raoul Lufbery who by the end of World War I was a leading ace with 17 official kills. Major Lufbery was killed in action in France in 1918.
We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to fly. We have good instructors on hand who will be happy to teach you the fundementals until you can solo.